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Wool Batting
All of the wool batts are the same size, 50x90, that can be stretched 10 inches in either direction. They are sold by weight. I offer a one pound batt which is similar to the cotton batting Warm & Natural. It is a dream for handquilting or machine quilting. The one and a half pound batt is similar to the polyester batting it can be machine quilted or hand tied. The three pound batt is for comforters and can be hand tied every 2 to 12 inches. It is a high loft batting.

Wool Batting Facts

Wool Insulates - Wool's innate, structural design gives it the ability to insulate your body warmth while at the same time drawing away excess moisture released through your skin. Scientific tests done at Polytechnic Institute in Wales have proven wool batting to be superior to down, cotton, and all synthetic batting.

Wool Maintains the Optimal Temperature - Unlike down, cotton, and synthetic fill, wool is constantly monitoring and responding to your body's temperature changes, keeping you in the comfort zone. Wool is for all seasons.

Wool is mildew resistant and flame-resistant.

Wool is resilient - Wool out-performs most other fibers. To bring back some of its original loft, sunning and airing will do wonders. Wool actually thrives on exposure to the sun.

Wool batting won't shift - Because the curly fibers grab onto each other, keeping them from separating and maintaining an even layer of wool, there won't be cold spots in your quilt, as is common with down comforters.

Wool is non-allergenic - Often people have reacted to the bleaching or chemical processes usually applied to wool products. My wool is safe, clean, and not processed in harmful ways.

My 100% Natural American Wool Batting is approximately 50 inches by 90 inches. There are no harsh chemicals or bleaching in our wool batts. It gives you a high loft like your polyester batting but with the ability to breathe and let air circulate for a more comfortable night's sleep. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is exceptional for hand quilting; the little extra lanolin helps keep your needle sliding freely. It machine quilts beautifully. Tie at every 12 inches. Ask about my Black Wool Batting, ideal for Amish Quilts and dark-colored fabrics. True black fiber, not dyed, so it won't bleed or fade.

Washing and Care
You may want to encase your batt in muslin to make a cover for it. Then all you have to do is wash the cover instead of the entire wool batt. This batting is machine washable in warm water. Fill tub with water, add mild soap, agitate to mix the soap with the water, and last add the quilt. Let quilt soak for 15 minutes, rinse, and spin. NO AGITATION, IT WILL RUIN THE WOOL BATT! Line dry or dry flat. Remember, wool loves the sun, so airing out is great! I recommend soaking in the bathtub for large quilts. A king or a queen size quilt is a lot of quilt to try and wash in your machine. You can still spin in the machine or roll in a towel to get the water out of the quilt, and then lay flat to dry.

Here's an unfinished quilt, where you can see the batt between the layers, before quilting.

And this one has been quilted and finished!